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Mailingboss is an email marketing tool that should be avoided due to its numerous drawbacks. While it may appear to be affordable, the platform has terrible customer support, and tools frequently break down, leading to frustration and wasted time.

Additionally, Mailingboss has a history of prioritizing price hikes over improvements, which has resulted in dissatisfied users who feel that they’re not getting their money’s worth. With so many other email marketing tools on the market that offer better customer support, more reliable tools, and consistent improvements, it’s hard to recommend Mailingboss to anyone looking for a quality email marketing platform.

 We highly recommend reading our Aweber and GetResponse reviews instead.


MailingBoss may not be the best email marketing tool for businesses that value excellent customer support and reliable software. The platform’s tools can be glitchy, which can be frustrating for users who need to get campaigns out on time.

Moreover, MailingBoss has a history of prioritizing price hikes over improvements. This may not bode well for businesses who want to see consistent development in the platform. Coupled with the platform’s poor customer support, users may have a hard time getting their concerns addressed.

In addition, the platform has limited integrations with third-party apps, which may be a significant drawback for businesses that rely on such apps. This can make it difficult to streamline workflows and achieve the desired results.

Overall, the limitations and issues make it a less than optimal choice for most businesses.



Although MailingBoss is part of the Builderall platform, and thus comes with many other bells and whistles, the reality is that many of your needs are likely already met and that means you would be paying MORE for things you don’t actually need.

Comparing the pricing of just the need for an automated email service provider, MailingBoss/Builderall comes in far below market rate.

Pros and Cons

  • As part of the Builderall suite of tools, you would gain access to functionality that would likely far exceed your need.

  • Pricing is high, and more importantly, unreliable (price hikes are common).

  • MailingBoss lacks the robustness and functionality of the majority of it’s competitors.

  • The Builderall platform (MailingBoss) oozes with attempts to feed reliance on the platform, making transitioning away, or incorporating non platform tools, excruciating at best.

Overall Rating