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GetResponse is a versatile marketing platform that caters to ecommerce businesses. In addition to email marketing tools, the platform offers users a straightforward landing page builder, a built-in CRM, and advanced automation features. For this reason, we consider GetResponse to be an excellent choice for most businesses.

Their entry-level plan is competitively priced and includes features such as autoresponders, basic segmentation, and more. Furthermore, their free forever plan provides users with essential marketing tools such as a landing page and website builder, signup forms, and popups.


GetResponse claims to be the easiest and most professional newsletter tool available in the market, offering a range of advanced features despite its competitive pricing. Based in Poland, the company boasts a global user base of over 350,000 customers across 183 countries. While individual user reviews are positive, our review of GetResponse uses a methodical approach and practical experience to provide a comprehensive analysis of the platform.

Compared to other email marketing services, GetResponse offers a wide variety of features that go beyond the norm. With features such as custom landing pages, advanced automation, reporting, and the platform’s Conversion Funnel, which is a unique tool that simplifies lead generation and even allows for online payments. The marketing automation features are noteworthy, allowing users to create complex automated campaigns based on triggers such as sales or location. Though other tools offer automation, they may not be as powerful or user-friendly as with GetResponse.

Users who choose higher-tier plans can take advantage of additional features such as webinars and an inbuilt CRM, which is not commonly found in other email marketing platforms. Moreover, with the acquisition of Recostream, a personalized AI/ML recommendations technology company, GetResponse now offers AI-based product recommendations. The platform analyzes visitors’ preferences, habits, and behavior to provide tailored recommendations, making it unique and innovative.



GetResponse offers four different paid plans with varying features: Email Marketing, Marketing Automation, Ecommerce Marketing, and MAX. Additionally, there is a free email marketing plan available, known as GetResponse Free, which is designed for users with fewer than 500 subscribers and allows for a maximum of 2,500 newsletters to be sent per month.

In terms of pricing, GetResponse falls in the mid-range compared to other email marketing software. However, the costs can increase rapidly if you require advanced features like marketing automation or ecommerce tools.

For enterprise-level companies requiring the most advanced features, there are two plans under the MAX category: ‘Max’ and ‘Max2’. Further details on pricing can be found on the GetResponse pricing page.

Pros and Cons

  • GetResponse offers a completely free version that can be used indefinitely.
  • In comparison to its competitors, GetResponse is cheaper and provides as much, if not more, functionality.
  • GetResponse provides generous discounts when paying upfront for one or two years of service.
  • Marketing automation tools in GetResponse are highly advanced and sophisticated.
  • List management and segmentation in GetResponse is straightforward and outshines many competing products.
  • GetResponse provides webinar functionality that is a genuine USP and not available on many similar products.
  • The ‘Chats’ feature in GetResponse can significantly improve conversion rates and is a valuable addition to many websites.
  • All GetResponse plans come with a landing page creator that facilitates A/B testing and can potentially save you a lot of money.
  • The new form designer in GetResponse provides flexibility over popup forms and the data they capture.
  • GetResponse provides custom DKIM on all plans, including the free plan.
  • Support is provided in multiple languages.
  • GetResponse is GDPR compliant, except for adequate cookie consent features on its landing pages.
  • The ‘all-in-one’ approach of GetResponse will appeal to small business owners on a budget.
  • GetResponse’s dashboard customization is widget-based and makes it easy to see key marketing data in one place.
  • No credit card details are required when signing up for the GetResponse trial.
  • The drag and drop interfaces for creating landing pages and forms could use some improvement to enhance the user experience.
  • Although the Facebook pixel can be used with GetResponse’s landing page feature, doing so in a GDPR compliant way is not possible.
  • Phone support is only available for those on the “Max2” plan.
  • Split testing functionality is limited to subject lines and content. It would be beneficial to have the option to test using sender and send time as well.
  • The website builder has room for improvement to compete with more established solutions.
  • The recording limits for webinars are not particularly generous, and only the most expensive GetResponse plans allow you to run paid-for webinars.

Overall Rating