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Best Value (Price & Features)

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  • Best TRUE Cost Per Subscriber
  • Insane Additional Features
  • Amazing Deliverability 
  • Phenomenal Support

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All around, MailingBoss has been an extremely pleasant surprise.  To be honest, we weren't really sure what to expect from a funnel building competitor to ClickFunnels, but after using the plaftorm we couldn't have been happier.

Not only is the cost better than the competition ($30 vs. $45 or more), but Mailingboss tops off deliverability and provides stupendous support that has been a complete breath of fresh air!

And none of this even touches the massive amount of additional features.  You get a funnel builder, website builder, and dozens of other tools to help your business beyond just email marketing!


No beating around the bush on this one.  MailingBoss​​​​​​​ is bundled with the whole Builderall platform.  But if you were only examining the email marketing component then you would find that it just barely beats Mailerlite, while significantly undercutting Aweber and GetResponse.

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To give an 'apples to apples' comparision, we are looking at the cost per 5,000 subscribers.  This comes in at a very competitive $29.90 per month.  Though Mailerlite is only a tiny bit more expensive, the same subscriber count would cost at least $45 for GetResponse or Aweber.

When you start looking at the Addition Features that the Builderall bundle brings to the table, then the cost for this services becomes an absolute no brainer.

For less than $30 a month you can replace other email marketing services and Clickfunnels at the same time.  Saving over $100 a month!


Here we have another unexpected but amazing result.  By doing nothing other than utilizing the platform and it's default settings we got an amazing score on mail-tester.

With all our years of email marketing, seeing this score (10/10) out of the box is highly unusual, and points to Builderall taking their email marketing presence very seriously.

If you want to ensure your emails get into the inbox (and not spam or promotion), then MailingBoss looks to have you covered and then some! Score:

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The only drawback we could find was a few hiccups with the user interface, and it wasn't exactly a significant negative.  In fact they were mostly the same typical issues we had with all the service providers.

Best we can tell, if you are an IOS or Mac user, then this will be extraordinarily intuitive.  But if you come from a PC background then there will be a few counterintuitive locations and steps to accomplishing tasks.  For example, we are Windows and Linux users primarily, and although the majority of the time we were able to accomplish what we wanted unheeded, there were a few times we had to contact support to get some assistance.  NOTE:  This was largely a non issue, see support section.

Let's just clarify that.  We had a few issues finding some functionality, simply because we were unfamiliar with logical flow (typical learning curve with all service providers).  But with super fast and friendly support, we off and running in no time, and did not find any functionality to be lacking.

Meaning, we felt this was a very robust and full featured platform, even if we had a handful of 'ah-hah' moments.

User  Interface

This was definitely one of the shining moments for MailingBoss, and builderall as a whole.  Never.  And we repeat, never, have we seen support that was so patient and accomodating.  

For example, in finding where to send a test email to check deliverability, we contacted support via the chat button.  Within minutes we had a representative and had conveyed our issue.  They asked us to hold on, and in another couple minutes they had made a custome video demonstrating exactly the steps to take.

Read that again.

The staff literally made a video on the fly, walking us through how to do what we were attempting.

They were never condescending or rude.  They were extremely patient and curteous.  When thanked, we received the response "It's what we do, and we enjoy it.  Is there anything else I can help you with today?".  That was verbatim the response we received.

In short, if you have any issue, the support will likely lead you to success in a very timely and graceful manner.  

Superb support.  A+


Nearly everything about MailingBoss (Builderall) is perfect.  The pricing, the support, and additional features.  Deliverability was phenomenal without having to do anything!

The few interface issues we had were pretty consistent with the typical learning curve and the support staff made those issues almost irrelevant.  

In our opinion, MailingBoss has taken the throne for years to come.  They are highly competitive and are implementing all the things you should care about (support, features, deliverability).

We highly endorse this provider!


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Pricing or Cost Per Subscriber

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User Interface


Additional Features

It's going to be tough to keep the Additional Features portion short.  That's because MailingBoss is part of the Builderall bundle of tools.  Meaning it is only one of dozens of tools that come with the payment.

So we will simply mention a few of the headlining tools that come with the bundle.  

Pixel Perfect and Cheetah Buidler are to drag and drop website builders that easily give competitors (like Wix) a significant run for their money.  The interface is intuitive, powerful, and very easy to use.

Canvas Funnel Builder is a direct competitor for ClickFunnels and provides very similar functionality for a significantly reduced price!  The ease of use is similar to ClickFunnels, while being substantially more affordable (included with the $29.90 bundle).

And that's just scratching the surface.  See the image below for a list of tools that come with the bundle!

Additional Features

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  • Price per subscriber truly cannot be beat
  • Deliverability is as good as it gets, and took no extra effort
  • Support was responsive, effective, and courteous
  • Additional features are so significant that they destroy the competition.  Giving way more than your money's worth


  • User Interface wasn't much of a con, but we did struggle with a few things.  Though support more than made up for the issues (made them easy to overcome)