Mailerlite Summary

  • The new defacto for free accounts
  • Solid deliverability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Introducing Additional Features

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Mailerlite is a solid second choice for us, and our first choice for people just testing the waters of email marketing, because their free account is the best option at the moment.

If you are ready to go and start building your list, then the price is very comparable to our first choice (MailingBoss), only narrowly missing the best price.  Deliverability is solid, though does take some tweaking, and the User Interface is easy to learn.

Though support could do with a bit of an upgrade, there are some Additional Features, namely landing pages, that act as a solid bonus.


If you are looking for a free account, then you have found your starter service!  Mailerlite boasts the best free plan available, at 1,000 subscribers allowed in the free plan.

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And if you are looking to graduate out of the freebie zone, then Mailerlite has the second best pricing, at only 10 cents more than MailingBoss (Builderall)  for the same subscriber count (5,000 was used to measure comparatively).

It's really hard to go wrong with Mailerlite's pricing model, so we feel they are definitely work looking into if you are just getting started and cannot justify spending money right away.


It was a little surprising to see that Mailerlite​​​​​​​ was had one of the best deliverability scores of the services.  

Of special note, though, is that this was not out of the box.  There was a process involved to even be able to send test emails, that included verifying you own the source email address, then setting up the DKIM and SPF records.

This is a little challenging for new users, so be prepared to learn a few things when it comes time to setting up your first campaign.  

Fortunately the process was pretty straight forward, and we were able to get it going without any interaction with support.  But we've also done it more than a few times!

In all, a 9.9/10 is a very respectable deliverability score!

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And here we have the first negative of the review.  

Support was not interactive.  When working on your business you will often need answers quickly.  Not having a chat support makes time delays almost inevitable.  Sadly that can mean hours or even days to finding a resolution.  Even to mundane tasks.

Although the User Interface was solid, it is almost guaranteed that at least one question will arise, and you will be forced to wait for responses.

Hopefully Mailerlite remedies this in the near future, and can bring themselves up a couple points.  Until then, if you use Mailerlite, then let's cross our fingers and pray that you can get your answers faster than expected.

Additional Features

Here we see Mailerlite attempting to keep pace with the trends.  

The primary Addition Feature that is of note, is the ability to create landing pages.  This doesn't compare with the full bundle that comes with MailingBoss (Builderall), which includes landing pages, funnels, automation tools and more.  But having something to help you with your campaigns is a sign that they are recognizing what you will want and need in the near future.

Sadly, landing pages just don't compare to the competition.  Even GetResponse is offering a funnel builder.  And that really doesn't even get started with the comparison to MailingBoss's Additional Features.

It's a step in the right direction, but just not quite enough to bring Mailerlite up to speed with the competition.


  • Easily the best service for a free account 
  • Pricing solidly better than nearly all the competition
  • Incredible deliverability (second only to MailingBoss)
  • User Interface is easy to navigate and intuitive


  • Support does not have an interactive component
  • Additional Features are holding Mailerlite back from the competition (MailingBoss)


Here's our suggestion:  If you cannot justify the expense, then Mailerlite is definitely the place to get started for free.  However, once you graduate beyond the 1,000 subscribers, you may want to consider a more feature rich provider like MailingBoss (Builderall)​​​​​​​.  

Migrating can be challenging, so we will recommend MailingBoss first, to save you the headache, but we've also been the new marketer on the block, trying to avoid unnecessary expenses.  And Mailerlite will definitely do that when you are first starting out.

In all, it's easy to see why Mailerlite comes in as a second choice.  Great pricing and deliverability are the big two to watch for, but impaired support implementation and the lack of a funnel builder, simply drop them down.

Give them a try if you want a free account, otherwise take a look at MailingBoss (Builderall) when you are ready for something more powerful for your business, and at the same price!

User  Interface

Mailerlite definitely has one of the more intuitive User Interfaces that we came across.  

Even setting up DKIM and SPF records was apparent in the logical flow of setting up your 'from' email address.  We did not have to go hunting for it, they just put it right in the same place as where you would need to have the information anyway.

Tasks, like that, which are normally difficult, were fairly seemless.  Again, we also have years of experience and know what needs to be done.  But if you follow every step as it is presented, you shouldn't have much trouble getting up and running.