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MailChimp Summary

  • Insanely low cost to subscribers count
  • Butchered free plan
  • Challenging support system
  • Downard trajectory with business decisions

Lowest Cost Per Subscriber

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As mentioned above, we had to interact with the support staff on more than one occasion, and it wasn't pleasant.

Of the staff that we interacted with, we found them to be rather condescending and extraordinarily unhelpful.  This was a bit of a shock, but as best as we can figure, it would seem that free accounts are treated with a certain prejudice.  Unfortunately that doesn't help with converting customers to paying accounts, and it certainly didnt make us feel producted or as if we were wanted on the platform.

If you have a high ability to learn things, then this may not an issue.  But if you anticipate having any questions whatsoever, then this is likely going to be a pain point.



The once reigning royalty of free email marketing accounts, MailChimp, has been dethroned through very poor logistical changes that have, through anecdotal evidence, lost considerable momentum and market share.

Their free account is now misleading and all but an exercise in frustration and futility.  Coupled with mediocre (at best) support, and a slightly above average interface, we are thoroughly disappointed with the direction MailChimp has taken.  We no longer recommend this service.  If you are wanting a best choice, we now endorse MailingBoss (Builderall).  And if you want to try your hand at email marketing for free, then we suggest Mailerlite​​​​​​​.  For now, we simply do not encourage MailChimp.


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Pricing or Cost Per Subscriber



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User Interface


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Additional Features



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Let's just get to the point on this one.  MailChimp had a special place for a very long time.  They were the defacto email marketing service​​​​​​​ for many years for newbies.  

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Anyone wanting to try their hand at email marketing was told to go MailChimp very the very specific reason that they had a superb free account.  It had a low number of subscribers (2,000 or less), but the vast majority of new users were unlikely to hit that number anytime soon, thus indoctrinating them to the platform and substantially increasing the likelihood of long term retention when they needed a paid level.

But there's a very big reason why they are no longer the go to for free accounts.  MailChimp decided to limit the 'audience' count to one.  This means you can only have one list on the free acount.

If you are new to email marketing, this will become a significant handicap as you have to be successful on your first try.

However, if you are not looking for a free account, or have a significantly large list, then the pricing is very hard to beat here.  We're talking 50,000 subscribers for $10 a month.  That is simply...INSANE.  But it's not quite as good as it might seem at first.  The problem is, you are again limited in the number of audiences. 

While other services will price out based on the subscribers, MailChimp has done themselves a severe disservice by limiting the 'audiences'.  The vast majority of users will not have lists that meet this subscriber amount in 3 or less lists combined.  Typically, users will have lists that are several hundred each, or maybe a few thousand at a time.  

For this reason, the pricing for MailChimp is rather misleading and tends to lead to dissatisfaction and frustration.  Do not get fooled!

We were forced to give pricing a 10/10 because we measured by subscriber count, but in this particular case the rating is really misleading.  The audience count handicaps the subscriber count dramatically and a more realistic rating would be 6/10.  But to keep things consistent, we were forced to jump this up to the 'best for pricing' per subscriber count.

User  Interface

To be fair, every platform has it's eccentricities that lead to a learning curve.  MailChimp​​​​​​​ is no different.  

However, we have found that the learning curve on this platform left a bit to be desired.  This was confounded by the frustrating support, which meant that issues we encountered were generally more efficiently overcome with our own blood, sweat and tears.  Of which there was definitely a bit shed.

Knowing that there is a learning curve, though, we found the user interface to be mostly inuitive.  If it weren't for the time consumed having to learn things on our own, this may have been a much higher score.

MailChimp had a special place in the market as the best place to have a free account.  But those days are gone.  Mailerlite has taken the throne for free accounts.  MailChimp's poor decision with regards to free accounts may have sealed it's fate in the market as Mailerlite continues to rapidly grow market share.

Further, the handicapping of free accounts looks to be a sign of further poor business decisions that may lead to the eventual disappearance of MailChimp​​​​​​​ entirely.

Poor support and lack of additional features simply made this service a solid no from us.  It is out opinion that any other service would be a better choice.



  • Price per subscriber cannot be beat (*see audience con)
  • Deliverability is more than sufficient for most needs
  • User Interface is average, at best, but leads to a few frustrating gotchas


My Image Score:

With MailChimp we were able to get a Deliverability score of 9.5/10 with

This is a fairly decent score, however when you compare it to the other services, out of box this wasn't as great as we would have liked to see.

For example, with no additional effort, MailingBoss​​​​​​​ was able to score a perfect 10/10.  And we didn't have to do anything.  Meaning no DKIM or SPF record changes.  Nothing.

So even though 9.5/10 will be more than enough for most, it just didnt compare well to the other services.


  • Audience limitations essentially nullify the subscriber cost advantage
  • Support was rude and condescending.  It took several attempts to even resolve redimentary tasks that were confusing
  • Significant lack of additional features when compared to other services
  • Poor changes to the services indicate a declining trend that will likely limit the lifespan of MailChimp as a service

Yet again, we see MailChimp falling behind the curve.  

Many platforms are in a race to compete with services like MailingBoss (Builderall), that provide multiple utilities like funnel and website builders, graphical editors, and loads more.  And seeing that MailChimp is now offering landing pages, for example, shows they are attempting to compete with this trend.

But a simple look at their offerings is not only confusing to a novice, but when you really dig into what is available, it just doesn't remotely come close to the competition.

Additional Features

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