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Very solid deliverability

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  • Industry recognized for deliverability
  • Market tested longevity of the service
  • Intuitive User Interface 
  • Requires extra steps to be effective

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Support was not quite as quick or as seemless as it was with MailingBoss.  This appears to be caused by the fact that the ticketing system looks to be implemented in two layers.  The first being low hanging fruit and intake, while the second layer is the actual support.  

For example, setting DKIM and SPF records would result in a response about the information being passed on to more technical persons.  Granted setting these records is old hat for those at the apparent second level, but this did add a bit of a delay, while also demonstrating that significant technical issues should expect at the least the same initial time delay.

Having said that, the support was usually very prompt and courteous, if not just plain emotionless.  We did not feel looked down upon, nor welcomed.  It simply was support and that was all.  Very little to no customer relation existed within the process.



It's tough to say anything bad about Aweber, but with current changes in the industry, their position at the top has been successfully challenged by a new comer (MailingBoss).

The shocking reality is that price is a big issue, and they have been pushed out by at least two competitors in that arena.  

However, they still have a lot going for them, including industry clout and significantly high deliverability (with some tweaks).

If they can up their game with some good Additional Features, then they may have a shot at regaining the top spot.

This is simply an issue.  If Aweber were offering something more to justify the expense, then it may not be as big an issue.  But when competitors, like MailingBoss, are able to offer Funnel Builders, SMS automation, and more, as included in the monthly premium, then Aweber's pricing simply seems odd.

Even their biggest competitor, GetResponse​​​​​​​, comes in a little cheaper.  Which means Aweber holds the position of highest cost amongst the services we have reviewed here.

Cost of the service is definitely an obvious negative for the service.  While competitors like MailingBoss and Mailerlite are at $30 or less for the same subscriber count, Aweber​​​​​​​ comes in at a halting $49.


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Of all the email marketing services we have looked at, Aweber's User Interface seemed the most intuitive.  There is a logical flow to the platform that just felt natural.

Now there may be some user bias as the reviewer(s) have been long term users of Aweber, but any issues encountered were minimal and easily overcome without assistance.

There is but one exception to the ease of use, and that was in form creation.  This process felt a little clunky and required some YouTube and support assistance to be able to learn effectively.

However, just one noticable stumbling block isn't much in the way of a negative when other services had a slightly higher learning curve.

User  Interface

This is where Aweber appears to be losing their status as reigning champ of email marketing services.  They simply do not have the tools and services to offer, that MailingBoss comes with (the full Builderall Suite of tools).  

Image hosting and Email templates simply do not hold much weight against their competitors that are offering funnel builders, landing pages, and more.

Sadly, this was a noticable detractor with the emergence of MailingBoss.  

A lower price with additional bundled power house applications, make it easy to push Aweber down the list.

Hopefully Aweber will implement something soon, or they could end up spiraling out of control.

Additional Features


Pricing or Cost Per Subscriber


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User Interface

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Additional Features

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Aweber was one of our favorites for a very long time.  But their high pricing and severe lack of additional features are holding them back significantly.

If pricing and other tools are not of concern, then Aweber remains a very stable and proven service.  Their deliverability is a testament to their product and was well recognized amongst email marketers for a very long time.

Unfortunately, however, MailingBoss has demonstrated a take no prisoners approach to the industry and has left Aweber at a crossroads where they will need to make some serious decisions to get back in the running.


  • Industry recognized for deliverability
  • User Interface was very intuitive for us
  • Support is very effective, albeit a little slower than some competitors


  • Pricing is not keeping pace with market and is now looking a bit too high
  • Additional features are painfully lacking and have caused Aweber to lose it's edge against stunning newcomers like MailingBoss


Not too surprising that Aweber has a very solid deliverability rating.  

Amongst email marketers, Aweber has been esteemed for having a slight edge when it comes to deliverability.  So a score of 9.9/10 isn't very surprising.  However, this score did take some light tweaking to acheive.

While MailingBoss received a 10/10 without having to do anything, Aweber does require DKIM and SPF records to be updated to maximize deliverability.  Fortunately the technical staff are very familiar with the process and can get you up and running in a few days.  But compared to MailingBoss not needing anything changed, and being ready instantly, Aweber will need to rethink how they can deliver this perk in a more seemless way.

Deliverability Score:

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