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GetResponse™ is our favorite Autoresponder. It provides the most flexibility and support while asking a very reasonable price. GetResponse™ is extremely versatile and allows you to modify all your campaigns with extreme ease opening up your mailing list to several avenues of valuable information and products…

"We’ve tested every major Autoresponder service on the market, and GetResponse™ is definitely the most powerful (and simplest) service for campaign mailing your subscribers.."

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GetResponse (sometimes mistakenly called "Get Response") is a comprehensive AutoResponder Service, Internet Marketing tool and statistics tracker that falls just slightly above AWeber thanks to it's pricing model and friendlier import capabilities.

It's been around for several years and it's one of the most popular AutoResponder services - and for good reason...

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Campaign Customization Ability:

GetResponse offers some of the most robust and leniant customization available today. If you want to insert PDF, video, or audio, it can't get easier than with GetResponse's interface. And this ease goes a long ways when you are copying up dozens of messages for even more mailing lists. The time saved here is worth it's weight in gold.

Another feature that sets GetResponse in alignment with the hype, is the sequencing and scheduling of broadcasts and solications. You a large range of options for how you want to contact your customers or readers. You can broadcast instantly, or preschedule several messages for days, weeks, or months down the road.

Customization with GetResponse is only marginally better than AWeber, but it is the little things that seem to keep GetResponse ahead of the game and just slightly above it's primary competitor: AWeber.

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Tracking And Monitoring:

GetResponse's built in tracking is akin to Google's Analytics. You are given and abundance of detail and an amazing amount of flexibility in reporting. In fact sometimes the information can seem overwhelming to those knew to marketing and research. However, all the basics are covered and then some.

Even if things get a bit confusing, there is plenty of documentation, and even better, tutorials on how and why to use the reporting and tracking. Enough that you can get started almost instantly and feel confident about mining the data.

Pricing & Support:

Here is where we see GetResponse fall slightly short. But not by much.

The pricing is easily comparable to all of the competitors, and far better than most. But it is definitely more reasonable than it's biggest competitor, AWeber. For being one of the most affordable services GetResponse could have had a full 5 star rating. However, the support was a bit lacking.

Sure there are a lot of documents and tutorials, but the customer support (live) was a bit hit or miss. Because we can't be sure exactly how much quality is lost due to spotty performance issues, we have to drop GetResponse down a little bit.

GetResponse Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

Despite the shortcomings in the support department, we felt that the reviews lined up enough to give this service and overall 5 star rating. It is really hard to lose with GetResponse, especially since the support can be compensated with some quick and easy Google searches. GetResponse is definitely the best AutoResponder Service on the market today.

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Other Information:

GetResponse offers the following current pricing structure:

• GetResponse BRONZE $17.95 a month (regular rate)

• GetResponse SILVER $47.85 quarterly ($15.95/mth)

• GetResponse GOLD $87.70 for 6 month ($14.62/mth)

• GetResponse PLATINUM $145.40 for 1 year ($12.12/mth)

GetResponse offers the following future pricing structure:

• The first 10,000 subscribers will be included within the current price, $17.95 per month. For every additional 5,000 subscribers, you would pay an extra $4.50 per month, in arrears, after 30 days. Your plan will adjust automatically as your lists grow.


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