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Aweber Review

Aweber is the very close runner-up to GetResponse that provides almost all of the same functionality for a slightly higher price and a more difficult import system.

AWeber has been around for quite some time and was the pinnacle E-Mail marketing tool for several years. Only recently has GetResponse emerged as the industry leader. Many will find comfort in the longevity of AWeber as a provider in favor of the more aggressive pricing model of GetResponse.

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Campaign Customization Ability:

AWeber is very comparable to GetResponse in the way that it handles campaign management. They make it very easy to insert different forms of information, be that video, audio, etc. Which comes in handy if you are running several different mailing lists, each with different needs.

As with GetResponse, AWeber offers very intuitive scheduling and sequencing that make it very easy to organize and launch strategically timed mailing campaigns. You will have the option to send messages on specific days, or send them out after a specified number of days, weeks, months, or more.

Honestly, when it comes to campaign customization the opinions are pretty split and this really comes out as a draw between AWeber and Getresponse. In the end, the customization in AWeber comes out as a best of breed that is comparable to it's cheif competitor: GetResponse.

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Tracking And Monitoring:

Not to beat a dead horse, but there is a reason that AWeber is a close competitor with GetResponse, and that is that the services are generally very interchangeable save for a few notable differences you will read about in the Pricing & Support rating below. But a feature that does a very good job at staying strong in the market is the tracking and monitoring.

AWeber does an equally excellent job of giving it's customers access to a wide range of tools and utilities that will help modify and optimize your campaigns and deserves it's five star rating.

Pricing & Support:

Now we see exactly why AWeber falls below GetResponse

The pricing is that AWeber offers is definitely no where near as agreeable as GetResponse's. And if a higher cost were not a big enough hurdle, AWeber falls short on more important key feature.

AWeber has a less robust import feature when it comes to prebuilt mailing lists. Meaning to say, it is easier to import lists into GetResponse than it is into AWeber. Not a major point since this will most likely only occur when you migrate to AWeber and not when you are first starting out, but it is definitely a point that has come up more than once as a benefit to using GetResponse over AWeber.

AWeber Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

AWeber comes in a close second to GetResponse due to it's higher pricing and 'annoying' import feature. If AWeber decides to change to a more competitive pricing structure, look for it to reclaim it's mass appeal and endorsements. But for now, GetResponse is the raining champion in our eyes.

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Other Information:

AWeber offers the following current pricing structure based on number of subscribers:

•0-500 $19 a month

•501-2500 $29 a month

•2501-5000 $49 a month

•5001-10000 $69 a month

•10001-25000 $148 a month

•Over 25000 Contact For Price


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