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Vertical Response Review

Vertical Response is a strong contender, but not for the top spot (which belongs to GetResponse). It rivals other mid range autoresponders and services like Constant Contact. That tells us that they are a decent service, but they have definite room for improvement.

Unfortunately, room for improvement means drawbacks and frustrations that most of us would not want to deal with, let alone ride our business and bank accounts upon.

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Campaign Customization Ability:

This might be the best point for Vertical Response. Though that doesn't speak highly for the rest of the service.

Vertical Response's interface is not the easiest to use. It might take a bit of learning to get comfortable but once you do you should be ready to roll. The problem is that you will need a little more time to learn the interface than you would with another service like GetResponse.

Because of the learning curve, we have to drop the score down a bit here. Although entirely usable and robust, it might take a while to get to the real potential.

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Tracking And Monitoring:

Tracking and monitoring is really a mixed bag for Vertical Response. Although there are some nice positives like being able to see who hasn't responded, the rest of the service is rather typical.

Granted, there aren't a lot of service that do better, there are definitely some that do. For the majority of people out there, the data they will want will be readily available. However, if you want minute detail, especially easily accessible, then you will want to go with a more refined service.

We don't mean to come off overly negative on this point, but the simple fact is that it felt as if the reporting was close to the minimum. And to be the top runner, a service really needs to pull out all the stops.

Pricing & Support:

Vertical Response's support really isn't bad. They offer a myriad of contact avenues (phone, email, and chat). The ability to use phone support is a huge bonus in this day and age. Support goes a long ways now, but it doesn't make or break or a service on it's own.

The pricing needs to be a bit more competitive. Vertical Response offers a 'pay as you go' model that ultimately falls really flat. If you crunch the numbers then this model will work for a very small portion of their potential customers. Might as well not even offer it. As for their regular monthly cost, they fall right in line with every other service. If they pushed the prices down a bit they would be considerably more competitive. Alas, their pricing is neither better or worse than the average for other services.

Vertical Response Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

I'd really love for Vertical Response to rank higher. The live support option is a big winner, in my personal opinion, but they need to pick up a few other pieces to truly come into the top spot. Compare to GetResponse.

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Other Information:

Vertical Response offers the following current pricing structure based on number of subscribers:

•0-500 $10 a month

•501-2000 $28 a month

•2001-4000 $46 a month

•4001-8000 $72 a month

•8001-16000 $120 a month

•16001-25000 $150 a month

•25001-40000 $240 a month


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