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iContact Review

iContact is close but not quite as good as the leading autoresponder - GetResponse and it's cheif competitor AWeber. Because of a certain set of shortcomings and problems, iContact falls a bit behind AWeber.

Typically, iContact will provide all the answers to the needs of the majority of e-mail marketers. However, as with all things, it is usually the small things that count. And, in fact, with iContact it was the small things that took it out of the running.

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Campaign Customization Ability:

As with most AutoResponder services, iContact has focused a great deal on providing the best functionality to it's customers. And they done quite a nice job. The similarities between what iContact can do, and what it's competitors can do is marginally different at best. If you are accustomed to what AWeber and Getresponse can do for you, then you will find near identical functionality with iContact.

iContact offers many options for custom subscriber sign-up forms and allows you to setup different forms for each of your websites by utilizing different forms of data gathering. You are also allowed to create surveys and archive newsletters at no additional cost.

In the end, usability and customization comes out equally comparable to both GetResponse and AWeber. However, there can be only one winner in a comparison list, and for AutoResponders, we fele the best is: GetResponse.

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Tracking And Monitoring:

Now we start seeing the difference between iContact and the services we ranked higher (see reviews). The campaing tracking with iContact seems to trail off a bit as it does not keep tabs on conversions or email replies. These two crucial features combined with the fact that iContact simply removes a complaining customer from your list can become quite frustrating. After all we know how hard it is to build lists, and the list slowly disappearing without having a say in the matter quickly becomes aggrevating.

Also, not being to track your conversions makes it very difficult to split test and/or modify your tactics and strategies to accelerate or amplify your results and service. iContact definitely falls below the bar for tracking.

Pricing & Support:

Slightly back on target, iContact has a decent pricing structure. Comparable to the near best of breed, AWeber. Unfortunatley, no one is going to beat GetResponse's pricing anytime soon. However, the pricing is still comparable if not better than the majority of AutoResponder Services out there.

Unfortunately, it isn't the pricing that ends our discussion of iContact. The support has been, a myriad of times, been reported as "inexperienced", "slow", and "unsatisfactory". Thankfully, Google can solve most of your problems but that is not nor can it be, a saving grace. If you use iContact you may just want to forgoe using their support.

iContact Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

iContact is a strong candidate and should be viewed as just that. It is a contender with a few strong issues that hold it back from being the reigning champion. Many will be happy as customers, but iContact definitely is not viewed as the top autoresponder. Compare to GetResponse.

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Other Information:

iContact offers the following current pricing structure based on number of subscribers:

•0-250 $10 a month

•251-500 $14 a month

•501-1000 $19 a month

•1001-2500 $29 a month

•2501-5000 $47 a month

•5001-10000 $74 a month

•10001-15000 $109 a month

•15001-25000 $149 a month

•25001-35000 $239 a month

•35001-50000 $379 a month

•50001-75000 $529 a month

•75001-100000 $699 a month


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