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GetResponse™ is our favorite Autoresponder. It provides the most flexibility and support while asking a very reasonable price. GetResponse™ is extremely versatile and allows you to modify all your campaigns with extreme ease opening up your mailing list to several avenues of valuable information and products…

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AutoResponder Customer Reviews - FAQ

1. What is an AutoResponder?

An AutoResponder is imply a piece of software that allows you to send emails to a list of addresses automatically. It does not, however, write the emails for you. But, you can easily write your own email messages using our Sample AutoResponder Messages as templates, then queue them up to be sent to your mailing list at set times or dates in a predetermined sequence.

2. How do AutoResponders work?

AutoResponders simply take an html or text message that your write, and send it to a list of email addresses at the exact time and date that you specify. This can be set to a specific day and time, or it can be on intervals like three days after initial opt-in followed by another message five days after the first follow-up message.

3. Can I just host my own AutoResponder?

You definitely can. However, the overhead in doing so is often not cost or time effective. Self-hosted AutoResponders do not typically have the versatility of the service providers like GetResponse which are designed specifically to house every need of an Internet Marketer or large webmaster. Not to mention, you typically have to pay for a high quality AutoResponder that you intend to host, and this cost is usually very comparable to the fees of a service provider. Another problem with hosting your own AutoResponder is that the setup can often times be cumbersome or costly (if you outsource the process). This headache is already out of the picture by using a service like GetResponse.

4. Are there any free AutoResponders that I can use?

Of course. However, you often get what you pay for and if you pay nothing, you usually get nothing or close to it. Free AutoResponders are notoriously devoid of features or even bait and switch methods to trick you into paying for a more full set of features. If you want very simplistic capabilities, then a free AutoResponder may very well be your best bet. See here for a free AutoResponders. Sorry for the annoying floating windows, once you get past those this is in our opinions the best free service, even though it lacks the better features.

5. Why would I want to use an AutoResponder?

E-mail marketing is often quoted as the most powerful marketing tools available today. In fact, most of the top Internet Marketers claim that 50% to 90% of their generated revenue comes from upselling to their mailing lists. Think about that. If you are making 20$ per sale of a front end product, then you stand to make double to nine times that amount by building a mailing list and upselling other offers. The real question here is why wouldn't you want to use an AutoResponder since it automates mailing your offers to your entire list?

6. What is the best AutoResponder?

This is a tough question and exactly why we built this site. The forums we use, and the sites we use to share our information is riddled with arguments about what the best AutoResponder Service really is. To answer this question once and for all, several of us that have made a significant living decided to sit down and review the services we have used and rate them according to a predetermined set of criteria. In the end, GetResponse received the highest score and therefore remains our current recommendation because of it's pricing, strong list of features and great support.

Please, however, remember that this is strictly our opinion and you may find some of the other services are more strongly suited for your individual needs. Feel free to read over our AutoResponder reviews and decide for yourself as our opinions are not the end-all answer, though they will hopefully help you make your decision more accurately.

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