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Constant Contact Review

Though Constant Contact isn't our current top choice (see GetResponse Review for our top choice), that doesn't mean it doesn't have it's up side. But don't pull the trigger just yet. Constant Contact has a few considerable draw backs as well.

Despite some considerable positives, there are some negatives to Constant Contact that were just too much to overlook and caused the service to drop down the list. Notably, there are some subscriber (your customers/list) interference that can be very detrimental to new subscribers. Not to mention the customer support. But more on that in just a bit!

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Campaign Customization Ability:

This is probably the best part of Constant Contact. They provide users the ability a wide range of customizations. But that doesn't mean there aren't some drawbacks.

We have received many reports of customizations that are lacking. For example, the welcome screen is not an option. Meaning, anyone that signs up instantly knows they are on a mailing list. Worse yet, you cannot customize this welcome screen.

It can be difficult enough to build a list, but do you really want to add in one more point in time where they can have second thoughts?

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Tracking And Monitoring:

The tracking and reporting for Constant Contact isn't bad. But it isn't great either. Put plainly, there isn't much to talk about here. That isn't necessarily a good thing because it means nothing really stands out. Constant Contact doesn't lack or excel in this area, so to be fair they sit at 3 stars for being rather run of the mill.

Pricing & Support:

And here is where Constant Contact really falls short. The support is surprisingly lacking. Just do a few searches about why their service may be poor and this is the number one issue.

However, to be fair, not all interactions are negative. However, there are enough complaints for this to be a bit of a red flag. If you use Constant Contact, be prepared to be really self reliant as you may be rolling the dice if you ever need help.

With regard to pricing, they fall pretty close in line with other competitors (compare to iContact for example). You can see details below.

Constant Contact Overall:

(Overall Score - Not an Average)

Overall, Constant Contact is good, but it isn't great. For most users it will suffice but not exceed expectations. You might be better off with another autoresponder, but you could live with you pay for with Constant Contact.

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Other Information:

Constant Contact offers the following current pricing structure based on number of subscribers:

•0-500 $15 a month

•501-2,500 $30 a month

•2,501- 5,000 $50 a month

•5,001- 10,000 $75 a month

•10,001- 25,000 $150 a month

•More than 25,000 Call for pricing


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