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Fourth Follow-Up Message

Simply fill in the sections in [] below.

SUBJECT: [Message/Download] #5: [Title]

By [pursuing topic or performing action like download] [they will gain this]! Why? [Explain why with example].

***You are receiving this message because [made purchase or requested info from site or partner(s)].***

Isn’t it counterproductive to [example of not following advice or action being suggesting]?

Not at all! [examples of following advice or action] [result in this]. [What this result will do for them]!

Instead of [doing first example], consider [alternative example] or [third example].

If you can [perform action or follow the advice, this will happen]. [Why this result is desirable]!

[Information, secret, download, etc. #5]: [What it is].

[Explanation of information, download, secret, and how it is beneficial. Explain why they want to use it].

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #1]

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #2]

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #1]

Are [they suffering from particular problem that a product can solve]?

If [a solution to that problem is desirable], my product “[product]” is just what you need! [what they will get and how it will help them]. The $[high dollar amount]-value “[product]” is yours at the special subscriber rate of $[low dollar amount]!

Good news: your deadline is extended! Order “[product]” in the next 5 days to get [bonus #1], [bonus #2], and [bonus #3]!

[Encouraging euphamism to buy, like 'cash in now on this extraordinary offer and get these bonus offers'] now:

Coming Soon: [Title Of Next Message]

[Friendly anectdote to lead into:] In [Message/Download] #6, you’ll [get or learn what and why that will be useful]. Stay tuned!

If you don’t wish to receive further messages from [Business Name], please click here: [unsubscribe link]

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