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GetResponse™ is our favorite Autoresponder. It provides the most flexibility and support while asking a very reasonable price. GetResponse™ is extremely versatile and allows you to modify all your campaigns with extreme ease opening up your mailing list to several avenues of valuable information and products…

"We’ve tested every major Autoresponder service on the market, and GetResponse™ is definitely the most powerful (and simplest) service for campaign mailing your subscribers.."

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First Follow Up Message

Simply fill in the sections in [] below.

SUBJECT: Ready to [benefit gained from this message]? Here is your [product, report for message2]

Hey there,

Last time we talked about [general product category]. Today you’re going to [get,learn and what].

***You are receiving this message because you [made purchase or requested info from site or partner(s)].***

[Acheiving, Getting, Finding] [what they want] is like [metaphore for easy]...

[It is,They are] out there: [what they want]. [How they can find, get, acheive the goal]. [Question one about reason behind what they are looking for]? [Question 2]? [Strongest Question]?

The good news is: Once you [find one, see one success, etc.], you [get,find] [more, hundreds, etc.].

[quote like “Great minds think alike.”] The best thing [about/is] [product or desire]. This is true [where]. If you can [perform initial step centering around outcome or product], you can [exaggerate outcome like make millions].

[Secret, prodcut, etc. #2]: [Title or secret]

You there in the back: stop groaning! Thanks in large part to [supporting factor], [action, desire] is easier than ever. Here’s a list of quick tips to help you pin down [desire, action]:

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #1].

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #2].

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #3].

  • [Tip, pointer or suggestion #4].

In-Depth Research: [What they are trying to get, buy].

In this [up sale product plus enticing description] [you get] [outcome from purchase]. [Why buying will help them, and how]! You can get it now for only $[dollar amount].

I’ll even throw in a bonus: if you order [product] within the next week, I will include [bonus]. Click here to [begin getting outcome from product]:

Next up: [Topic of next message]

In a few days, you will receive [product, info in next message], [What it does, what they will learn or get].

If you don’t wish to receive further messages from [Business Name], please click here: [unsubscribe link]

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